Flat Roofing

Flat roofing has numerous advantages over pitched roofing in terms of cost and efficiency. Smaller structures, such as garages, expansions and porches, are often covered with a flat roof. This is considered the more cost-effective option because it requires less materials and labour, allowing several projects to be completed in a single day.

Despite being referred to as a flat roof, all flat roofs have a modest pitch of up to 10 degrees to allow rainfall to drain correctly.

Apart from the expense, the most significant benefit of a flat roof is the additional space available. A flat roof can be the ideal choice because it can also be used as a balcony or as a roof top garden – the possibilities are virtually endless. Flat roofs are also more accessible than pitched roofs, making it easier and less expensive to clean your windows and gutters, as well as installing satellite dishes or solar panels.

External of flat roof
Mastic asphalt and high-performance felt roofing are the two most common types of flat roofing that we offer here at RW Roofing.

Mastic asphalt is an excellent choice for a variety of construction applications, including new construction and renovations, where a smooth, seamless and long-lasting surface is required. It is without a doubt, the hardest, waterproof membrane on the market for architects and homeowners. Mastic asphalt is one of the oldest construction materials in the world, and it has evolved with the years, even in today’s high-tech construction sector. It has been utilised on green roof projects for over 80 years with great success. It is the first material in the industry to achieve the CarbonZero standard.

If not installed correctly, flat roofs can have a very short life span. We are experts in installing flat roofs that will last, whether it is a three layer torch-on-felt system, or EPDM rubber cover, you will not be disappointed.