When you need to replace tiles or have a leak in your roof, temporary scaffolding and covering is an essential component for waterproofing the structure. Do not expose your property to the UK weather whilst you are waiting for your new roof to be built. RW Roofing can provide you with the weather and waterproofing protection you need at an affordable cost.

We can supply multiple types of temporary roof coverage. Traditional corrugated sheeting is the most popular and cost-effective temporary roof covering method available. At RW Roofing, our scaffolding beams are durable and adaptable, and they may be used to support a variety of temporary roofing and canopy constructions.

We typically create the corrugated canopy structure to the appropriate ridge height of the new roof using temporary roof coverage technology. We must ensure that the alloy beams we use on all temporary roofs are of the correct span in order to do this.

Scaffolding on a large town building

These temporary roof solutions and coverages are suitable on particular roof projects, such as church and cathedral repairs and listed building renovations.

We have a great deal of experience of providing these temporary roof structures and components for homeowners, trade firms and construction companies. Whatever your waterproofing and weather coverage requirements are, we can deliver our temporary roofs quickly and effectively.

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Don’t leave things to the whim of the UK weather when you need to carry out essential roof works.

Please give one of our qualified team members a call for further information on our waterproofing temporary roofs. We believe that we are the best company in the area and we are dedicated to achieving excellent customer satisfaction. We are happy to provide a free quote on the best type of temporary roof scaffolding system for your property.

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