Roof bedding and pointing are essential components to the structure of your roof. The roof tiles are held in place by the bedding, and the pointing creates a tighter seal and stronger hold. Repointing is the replacement of the pointing, and re-bedding is the replacement of the bedding.  The bedding is usually made of the same cement mortar that was used for the pointing. For roof pointing, cement mortar was replace in 1995 with a flexible pointing mix. Roof leaks and various sorts of damage can occur when either of these components get damaged or worn.

Mould growth and water damage can be prevented by repointing and re-bedding your home. Moisture and leaks can enter through broken, cracked or deteriorated mortar. When water or excess moisture invades the interior of your home, mould growth is more likely which can lead to additional problems, such as wood rot and flooding. In particular, mould can easily spread throughout your home, and even into your ductwork. It poses a great health risk to you and your family as it spreads.

Workman repairing wall

Avoid mould growth and water damage

These problems can compromise the structural integrity of your home, especially if water gets into the cement foundations. If the foundations are constantly exposed to water, they may begin to bow inward. Other structures within your property are held in place by your home’s foundation. When the foundation of your property deteriorates, your entire home is in danger.

A healthy roof is critical to the overall health of your home. Call RW Roofing today for a free, no obligation quote!

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